Paul & Paulie


We are a small New Zealand owned family business and believe in being authentic and transparent. Here’s our story of how and why we started.

My Motivation

Born in India

Originally from India, my husband and I emigrated to New Zealand 22 years ago and our love of New Zealand continues to grow, this is where we call home. I had a wonderful childhood in India and adored wearing the beautiful bespoke dresses that my Mum and Aunts made from the quality rich fabrics readily available. Their creations helped fuel my love of textiles and I started designing and creating clothing for my family and friends.

Growing up in Coimbatore City, sadly we would see young women in our neighbourhood exploited in not so safe industries and I very much wanted to help them escape that life. The idea of providing them opportunities to learn handicraft skills that would empower them to have independent employment choices was born. Whilst teaching at university, I converted an unused small building at the end of our property into a combined learning and small business facility to provide training on tie-dyeing, batik, block printing, and sewing. The women were all paid fair wages from day one, even as an apprentice and were given the choice of working full or part time, as some were young mums. When we immigrated to New Zealand, I proudly passed the business on to one of my best crafts women to run it independently – she turned out to be better at it than I was!

The Creation Of

Paul & Paulie

Life progressed and led to a cancer diagnosis that started the fight of my life, I made the decision to embrace the things that brought me meaning and joy. Family, children, making a difference, creating beautiful things, and giving back, are all things dear to my heart that helped define the values and craft the idea of Paul & Paulie.

The decision to start my own brand of organic cotton clothing for children came from a journey that was both complex and challenging on every level. However, it was a journey that led me to be bold and brave, and start something that I love, which inspires me every day.

I remember my dad Henry Paul always telling me to be “bold and brave”. So, I was and I am. I had always dreamed of having my own sustainable, values-based business. In 2020, I left my career as a technology teacher and launched Paul & Paulie. The name is a nod to my dad and a business that connects the dots back to my family roots.

Using ethical, responsible, and sustainable practices, I take inspiration for my sketches from the natural beauty of New Zealand. I design clothing made from 100% organic Indian cotton to look after you, your precious little one, the planet and our future. Each creation is a labour of love that I am enormously proud of. The Paul & Paulie evolution combines the love and family ties of our two countries, New Zealand and India.

Thank you for supporting our family business.