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Only the best of the best for your baby for anytime of the day and night! Inspired by the wild and lush beauty of New Zealand, our garments are made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, for all babies, toddlers and young children up to the age of three to suit their active, busy lives during the day and restful times at night.

Organic Cotton Rib

Paul and Paulie's bodysuits and leggings range is distinctively made from our custom-made ribbed knit fabric using GOTS certified 100% organic cotton, which is globally recognized for its superior quality and stringent quality assessment. Rib knit fabric is naturally super soft, breathable and stretchy due to its rib-knit construction providing extra flexibility to support your growing baby’s activities. 

Organic Cotton Interlock

Organic cotton in its pure and natural state is known for its smooth, soft, fine and strong qualities. Both ‘rib knit’ and ‘interlock knit’ are two of our favourite fabrics we use to style our kids garments, for our ‘Basics’ range (natural and stripes) and ‘fashion’ range with our unique seasonal prints. Interlock fabric has built-in stretch because of the nature of its construction; as a result, this is suited for active wear for your child.  

 Organic Cotton Fleece

Paul and Paulie’s jumpers are specially made from the best quality fleece with brushing inside using 100% GOTS certified cotton, which makes these garments soft, comfy and durable for active little children to wear, as they explore the world around them. Fleece by nature is strong, holds warmth and dries quickly, which is why it is just right for your child to wear and play outdoors. Fabric construction is increased to provide additional thickness for cool autumn and cold winter months. Our jumpers are perfect to layer with our tees and leggings on a crisp and cold day!

Organic Cotton Neppy Fleece

When a garment is ‘neppy’, or has ‘nep’, it usually just means that the fabric of the garment has been woven in a way that some of the cotton fibers extend and protrude from the main surface. Usually these fabrics tend to possess a “snowy” look, as if fresh fallen snow is sitting on the surface of the fabric. We have used blue and white neppy fleece for our ‘bold & brave’ hoodies to add interest and tactile texture, with soft brushing inside for extra comfort.  

Organic Cotton Quilti

Paul and Paulie’s Sleep Sack and Quilted Vest are exclusively constructed from our custom-made knitted super-soft and luxurious Quilti fabric using 100% certified organic cotton. This fabric is strong, thick, stretchable, breathable and lightweight and yet helps keep your baby warm and cozy and not ‘over-heat’. Due to the adjustable shoulder straps / armholes, our sleep sack can be used by your baby for as long as 12 months. Due to these attributes, this range of our kidswear naturally lasts longer and can be well used and passed on to younger siblings in your family and friends circle.

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