Here are answers to some of your frequently asked questions.


  • I have lost my password and cannot login to ‘My Account’.

Go to ‘My Account’ Page and click ‘forgot your password’ link and type in your email address you used to create your account. A temporary password will be sent to your email and you can easily log in again! If you wish to change this temporary password, you can login and then change it in your account settings.


  • I am unable to login to ‘My Account’ using my email.

Kindly note that if you have shopped online with us as a ‘Guest’, Paul and Paulie does not store your personal information. You can easily create your account so that our system recognizes your details as an account holder and shopping with us is quicker next time.

The other option is for you to use the ‘guest checkout’.

If you have already created your account but are still unable to login, kindly check that you are using the same email address and password that you registered with.

If you still cannot login, please email us at contact@paulandpaulie.com and provide as much information as you can, including screenshots of any error messages received and what you did to fix it.


  • Are my online purchase transactions secure? Is my personal information safe?

Our Privacy Policy describes how your personal information is collected, used, and shared when you visit or make a purchase from www.paulandpaulie.com. All information provided by you is secure. Your address and contact details are stored and provided to our shipping agent to enable delivery.  We do not store your credit card details.  All data collected is confidential and used strictly for internal use and order inquiries. Click here for more on our Privacy Policy.  



  • How can I give a Gift Card to another person?

When it is difficult to choose a gift for a baby or little child, our Gift Card is the perfect solution. Each gift card with a unique gift code is directly sent to the recipient’s inbox via email. This makes it so easy to redeem online by your friend or family member, to choose exactly what their little one needs.

Click here to give one now! 


  • FREE SHIPPING – how do I acquire this promo?

Enjoy free shipping on your entire order in New Zealand for your purchase over $100/-. Your free shipping discount will automatically be applied at checkout.

Alternatively, this discount may be paused when special promotions are underway; for example, a free-shipping discount code would be provided on social media and on our website, to be entered at checkout.


  •  How do I get a 10% discount of my first order?

    As our new customer, we are delighted to offer you a 10% discount of our entire range. You need to simply subscribe to our newsletter and enter the discount code you are given at checkout.



How do I care for my Paul and Paulie organic cotton garments?

  • All are garments are prewashed and ready to wear.
  • Separate light coloured and dark coloured organic cotton garments.
  • Turn garments with prints inside out.
  • Cold machine wash (max 30 C) with like colours in dissolved detergent.
  • Use a mild environmentally friendly detergent.
  • Avoid using fabric softener or chlorine bleach as this will fade the colour and weaken the garments fibre strength
  • Do not dry clean.
  • Line dry. Do not tumble dry on a high setting as it may cause shrinkage.
  • Conventional cotton is generally treated with chemicals to reduce shrinkage. Our organic cotton garments are not treated, so it is possible for a garment to shrink 7-10% after washing. To minimize shrinkage, our fabric has been pre-washed at our GOTS certified factory.
  • Cold iron on the reverse.



  • What are the advantages of signing up to Paul and Paulie’s newsletter?

By signing up to our newsletter, you get 10% off on all items except on ‘sale’ or promotions (*limit single use for new registration). You will get to know of new product arrivals first, sales and special promotions. Online shopping will be faster as we will remember your details for your next shopping experience.


  • How do I subscribe to Paul and Paulie’s newsletter?

You can subscribe to our newsletter by creating your own Paul and Paul account by clicking on the ‘My Account’ tab on our Home page and filling in the form and we will do the rest. Another option is for you to click ‘Subscribe now’ button which you can find at the bottom of every page of our website. 

 If you wish to unsubscribe at any time, just email us and we will remove your email address from our mailing list.

  • I subscribed to your newsletter but am not receiving any in my inbox.

This may be due to your email software moving our emails to your junk/spam mail. If this is the case, please add contact@paulandpaulie.com to your address book, or choose ‘not spam’ option. If you are still not receiving our newsletter, please email us at and we can easily get it done.



  • I have found a defect/fault in a garment I purchased. What is to be done?

All of Paul and Paulie’s garments are made with care and attention to detail and it is our constant endeavour to maintain first-rate quality. However, if you have found a defect or fault with a garment, please check our Returns/Exchanges policy and email us at contact@paulandpaulie.com


  • My child’s skin is sensitive to certain brightly coloured garments and metal accessories like zips and buttons. How do I identify and avoid buying such garments?

We were asked this important question by a young dad at a baby expo as both he and his baby suffered from severe rash and itching when wearing specific brightly coloured garments, with metal zips or buttons.

A small percentage of children and adults suffer from contact dermatitis when their skin is directly exposed for prolonged periods, to harsh Azo (synthetic) dyes, or toxic lead or nickel zipper accessories on clothing.

An easy tip for parents is to read garment swing tags and care labels, and check for testing certifications such as Oeko-Tex (EU) or ASTM F963-96A (US). These testing standards state that the garments are safe for users to wear. In addition, it is always best to obtain professional medical advice from your local Plunket nurse or GP.

All our garments are FREE from Azo dyes, bleaches, and fabric finishes, and our YKK brand zips and fastenings are lead-free and nickel-free! In combo with pure and soft organic cotton, and Oeko-Tex colours, our garments are hypoallergenic and child safe!


  • Do you use any fire retardants when making your garments? Have your garments been tested in New Zealand?

We do not use any chemical fire retardants on any of our garments. Yes, our garments especially our sleepwear comply with the stringent testing required by the New Zealand fire safety standards.


  • Is your cotton organic? Where do you get your cotton from? What dyes do you use?

Absolutely YES! All our cotton kidswear and products are made from GOTS certified 100% organic cotton that are grown and produced ethically using sustainable practices in India, which is recognized for being the best in the world for organic cotton!

Unlike conventional cotton garments, our garments are totally free from harsh chemicals, bleaches, toxic heavy metals, formaldehyde, and pesticides. GOTS and Oeko-Tex approved non-toxic dyes and accessories and ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) water-saving dyeing technique, have been used on all our garments. Child safe and planet friendly!


  • Where are Paul and Paulie’s garments made? Who makes them?

Our garments are made in small batches ethically and sustainably, with great care and attention to detail by our manufacturing partners in India, in a GOTS certified garment manufacturing unit. We are devoted to doing things right and doing it well – from farm to yarn to garments for your child!

Click here for more info on who makes our garments. 


  • What are the different fabrics you use? What is the difference?

We use a range of knitted fabrics for our garments as each knit brings its own unique attributes; for example, our super soft rib knit is perfectly suited for new-born babies as it is naturally soft, stretchy, breathable, and comfortable. Check out more on our fabrics.  


  • What are ‘organic raw materials’?

‘Organic raw materials’ are produced with international standards for protecting our environment, and people and animals involved in making, processing and using them. Organic raw materials include organic cotton, silk, flax (linen), bamboo, and wool.


  • Why use organic cotton?

It is always a good idea to choose natural fibers like cotton, bamboo and linen over synthetics for baby clothes because natural fabrics are breathable and feel better against the skin. Baby clothes made from gently treated organic cotton are best, and GOTS certification takes it up a notch by guaranteeing that no harsh chemicals were used in the entire production cycle.

Check out our blog on the unique benefits of using organic cotton garments for your baby to sleep, grow and be active in, every day. 


  • What is GOTS?

GOTS is recognized as the world's leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibers. Learn more from our blog ‘Why 100% Organic Cotton?’ 

Our garments are proudly designed in New Zealand, inspired by the exquisite natural beauty around us using 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. Our garments are produced by our supplier under stringent international quality standards, keeping in mind our core values. We visit our supplier’s manufacturing premises frequently to check that these standards are continuing to be met.



  • Pricing

Pricing of all items on paulandpaulie.com are in New Zealand Dollars. All credit cards and payments are charged in New Zealand Dollars. All our prices are subject to change.


  • What are your payment options?

Currently we accept Visa and Master Card credit cards. You can also pay online using PayPalAfterPay and LayBuy

  • AfterPay - Don’t just pay later. Pay better. Shop now. Your purchase will be split into 4 payments payable every two weeks. https://www.afterpay.com/en-NZ
  • LayBuy - Deciding what to buy is hard, but paying for it doesn’t have to be. Laybuy lets you receive the item now and spread the payment over 6 weekly automatic instalments. No interest, no fees*. https://www.laybuy.com/nz/

  • Order confirmation email not received.

Once your order is processed and ready to be collected by our NZ Post Courier, a dispatch/order confirmation email showing your track and trace number will be sent to you. If you do not receive this email in 24 hours, please check your junk mail folder. If you still have not received it, please email us.


  • How do I cancel an item or change my order after I have completed purchase?

All online orders are quickly processed at Paul and Paulie, so that your garments are shipped to you as quickly as possible. Hence, we are unable to change items on your order once it has been placed.


  • Can I get a refund for a garment that I bought on full price but is now on sale/promotion?

We endeavour to offer our customers good value for money. The price of the garment is what you paid for it at that time. We will be running special promotions during the year. So, we cannot give you a refund once a sale/promotion is over as we are unable to reactivate it online.

Have you signed up for our newsletter? It’s an easy way to be the first to know of our latest collections, promotions and special offers. Sign up now!


  • I saw a garment I liked but it is not there anymore. How can I buy it?

If a garment is not available online, please email us at contact@pulandpaulie.com as we may be able to check if new stock has arrived or suggest alternate options.



If you need to exchange the garment for any of these reasons - size exchange, received the wrong item or order, goods received with manufacturing fault (or) goods damaged or lost in transit, then please check our Shipping & Payment Policy. Click here



  • Where are your garments shipped from?

We are a registered New Zealand based company. All our orders are shipped from our Auckland office/warehouse.


  • Do you ship your garments to Australia and other countries?

We are shipping to Australia from May 2023. 

If you are outside New Zealand and Australia, and wish our garments to be delivered to you, kindly contact us for shipping rates – contact@paulandpaulie.com


  • When are the garments I buy online eligible for free shipping?

Follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter, to be the first to know of special promotions like FREE SHIPPING. You will be provided a discount code to use at checkout. For more information please check our Shipping & Payment Policy



Every child is uniquely beautiful, with different body shape and size, which change as the child grows. Paul and Paulie’s Size Guide is aimed at being a guide to help you decide which size to buy.

Choose carefully before you place an order, so that it is the right fit for your child.

Click here.



  • How do I keep baby safe and warm in bed?

This is a question asked by new parents all the time. A safe, warm and uncluttered sleep place for baby is important so that they can’t roll face-down and suffocate on soft surfaces, or get stuck against things such as couches or adult beds. Your baby should be warm in bed, not too hot or too cold. Use Plunket New Zealand’s checklist to see if your baby’s bed and room are safe and warm. https://www.plunket.org.nz/



Caring for children who wear our garments, the farmers who grow organic cotton, workers who weave and sew the garments and the wider community, they all matter to us. In addition, we strive to make use of resources efficiently with minimal waste, eco-friendly and socially ethical business practices, including packaging.

  • GOTS

Paul and Paulie’s supplier in India uses GOTS certified organic cotton that not only ensures the origin of organic cotton but also encompasses the social aspects of the entire production process. 


  • Oeko TEX

All our garments are made in a GOTS and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 accredited factory, an independent certification system that ensures textiles meet high safety and environmental standards. If a textile article carries the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 label, you can be certain that every component of this article, i.e. every thread, button and other accessories, has been tested for harmful substances and that the article therefore is harmless in human ecological terms. 


Our suppler is a SEDEX member and utilizes regular SEDEX audit processes that reassure us that these practices are maintained when we are not there. This focuses on no child labour, fair wages and health and safety of workers.


  • Dyes:

Newborn babies are born with thinner, delicate, and porous skin than adults; hence it is important to give thought to not only the fabric of your child’s garment but also the dyes used to colour it. All our garments are dyed and printed using GOTS and Oeko-Tex approved non-toxic dyes which are child safe and planet friendly. In addition, ZLD or Zero Liquid Discharge water-saving dyeing technique is used to efficiently use water, a very precious global resource.



All our packaging is reusable and recyclable.

Single-use plastic bags are banned in several countries including New Zealand and India, where our garments are made. Paul and Paulie is earth friendly doing our bit to preserve our wildlife and environment for future generations.  Our garments are made with care in a GOTS certified manufacturing unit and packaged in biodegradable bags and not single-use plastic bags.

We try our best to reduce waste wherever possible and recycle or upcycle packaging materials like cardboard cartons. When you buy one or more garments from our website, they will be shipped to you in a black compostable courier bag made from corn starch, or a recycled cardboard box. Small steps to a better and cleaner future for tomorrow’s children!



Your purchases support people in need – thank you so much! Read about it here



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